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ISC Locker Room

ISC has launched the ISC Locker Room in 2012 with a bang, offering fans of their favourite teams a great range of give aways and the latest information on their teams and ISC.

Piixel Designs was asked to assist with the development of the website and management of competition entries registered through the website and their relating customer database. We provided a solution which seamlessly integrated all requirements directly into the website providing ISC with a hassel free management of their customers and entries.

Through the same system we have also integrated the ability to directly contact their customers with completely branded EDMs.

To check out the ISC Locker Room and support your favourite team then visit them at the ISC Locker Room or like the ISC Locker Room on Facebook.



Did anyone see the speed boat this morning with a “Wake Up” Banner off the back at Bondi Beach this morning around 5am? Apparently this is for a BlackBerry Campaign run by RIM. They have been doing various activities to promote this throughout Sydney over the last few weeks and still to come.

It is thought the WAKE UP campaign outside of the Sydney Apple Store was part of this as well.

What are the effects of the new anticipated iPhone 5?

So what do we know about the iphone 5? Well nothing much yet but rumours and to add another to the fire, what do you make of the below screenshot taken from the Official Apple Website? (Is the front iPod going to be a similar design for the iphone 5, smaller and lightweight??).


Apple has again left off offering Adobe Flash on it’s devices for iPhone 5, this again is leaving developers in a bit of a pickle. However knowing Apple I could almost guarantee that they are again setting the standards for HTML5 content and slowly removing the need for the ageing flash.

Give us your feedback, if you think this is could be a possibility for an iPhone 5 design?

Branding – Sportsnak

We have come on board to cover the complete branding and website for Sportsnak. We were asked to produce their collateral in 100% recycled stock as to help keep their carbon footprint as small as possible.

Here is the business cards which we have produced for Sportsnak.


Please check back to see more updates as we complete the Sportsnak Website and Collateral.

Start communicating with The Global Communicator

Piixel Designs has released it’s brain child The Global Communicator into the market providing professional and targeted E-Marketing for you and your clients.

With 3 simple template and design plans to choose from we can have you up and running in no time at all. Check out some of the great features which makes our tool one of the best in the industry:

  • Ability to send your own campaigns with new targeted content
  • Subscriber management including creating segments to target your campaigns
  • Design and spam testing to ensure you get the best deliverability
  • Detailed reports down to every click and who clicked them
  • Compare campaigns
  • PAYG costing so no monthly fees
  • And much much more…

To find out more about The Global Communicator why not visit them here.