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Making your ideas a reality

Thanks to the very respectable team over at Smashing Magazine they have posted a great article which directly relates to the industries we all live and work in. These industries I am talking about of course are those little ideas in our heads that we start yet never complete. From the article at Smashing Magazine we have picked up and decided to focus on these five major points for making your idea a reality.

Keep your mind and your self free – Avoid a reactionary workflow
This is basically about keeping yourself free from the everyday distractions of email, sms etc… Taking a day to yourself to clear your mind of these distractions will make for a much more creative and focused mind.

Limit your thinking to 3 steps
Limit your idea to stem from 3 steps, the first step being the required tasks to begin and enhance your idea. The second step should be the collection of ideas which came to create your idea, these should be the brainstorms, sketches and inspirations which helped you bring together your idea. The third step should be the documents, articles and research findings that helped accompany those brainstorms and sketches.

Make meetings don’t waste meetings
A lot of the time we will make meetings just for the impression that things are moving along. This can be a mistake as the reason to hold a meeting is to complete our steps from my point above. The main step being step 1 which is our required tasks, these need to be completed in order to further our idea and use steps 2 and 3 to bring it to reality.

Utilise our time wisely
To utilise our time wisely we need to focus our attention on the task/s at hand, and as most of us will find this is difficult to do with such increasing bombardment of real time information as outlined on Smashing Magazine. We have Google Analytics which we always check to see how many hits are coming to our website, we always check our bank accounts to obtain and confirm our security.

These tasks can be minor and not take much time but doing them repeatedly throughout the day can distract our attention from our set task/s.

Getting by without getting down
Getting through the project life cycle of your idea is tough as with any idea you will have the energy and excitement of a 10 year old but as the project and your idea proceeds through the weeks on it’s way to reality we tend to plateau out and leave our idea hanging in limbo.

The best way to get by this is to try and think of how you will plan the big execution of your idea and thinking of how the public will view your idea will surely boost your motivation to see it through the tough stages.

It is these five points that I believe if we can master them that we can turn any idea into reality no matter how small or large. My personal aim is getting the satisfaction of being able to help bring your idea to reality.