Monthly Archives: January 2010

Taking a step forward for email standards

It’s finally time to start looking at email standards and the companies who provide these so called standards. EST (The Email Standards Project) is an organisation dedicated to highlighting and improving email standards across the globe.

They provide a full listing of all the major email clients and what there capabilities are which allows you to build and focus your EDM campaigns on your customers capabilities so they see what you want them to see without any issues.

Unfortunately the rumours are set for Microsoft to take yet another backward step in their next release of Microsoft Outlook by basing the platform that reads the HTML Emails on Microsoft Word rather than Internet Explorer which was bad enough as we all know! Please check the facts and join in the protest to bring back the standards here!

But thankfully not all is lost – a recently received notification from Microsoft has them listening to our cries for standards. Please read the full write up here.

Look forward to more good news like this!